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Monthly Maintenance Contract for your trees

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Regular inspection and care of the trees on your property is important.  Pruning away dead and diseased branches keeps your trees looking their best while maintaining safe conditions for your property.  Yes, you may forget about pruning until it is too late…and branches fall hurting a person, car or falling on your home.


When Hurricane Sandy hit in the Fall of 2012, not one of our maintenance clients experienced a problem. Since their trees were properly maintained the high winds were able to pass through the branches.   When storms hit, our clients who are under maintenance contracts do not experience problems.   Overgrown trees become dense and push against the wind.  In severe conditions the trees can not hold up against the wind and blow over and/or lose limbs that create very dangerous situations.   But properly maintained trees have the overgrowth trimmed away as well as dead and diseased branches that crack under extreme weather conditions.  


We offer a maintenance program and take care of the regular pruning of your trees for you.


For these customers we provide:

1.      Regular inspection and removal of dead and diseased branches. This happens once in the spring and once in fall.  During this time we inspect your trees for damage and disease and can also do advanced testing to find problems that you can not see.  


2.      Regular pruning to maintain the size of a tree and remove overgrowth, damage and disease.  Getting rid of the overgrowth and the problems keeps your trees as healthy as possible.  


3.      Priority in emergency situations. We all know winter is coming when storms including snow, ice, and heavy winds and rain can cause significant problems. During and after significant storms we receive calls day and night to take care of problems and our clients under maintenance contracts get priority on our list.  


For years, we have offered clients a maintenance pruning contract on their property.  It gives them peace of mind that their trees are taking care of and one less thing for them to think about as a homeowner or commercial property owner.


How do we price our maintenance packages?  Every property as well as every tree is different and we want to only provide the service to your property that you need.  We can schedule an appointment where I will come walk your property with you and we can discuss the right maintenance contract for your property and your budget.    


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