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At Stonaker Tree Service we are here to help you with jobs big and small.  From residential and commercial tree pruning and maintence to large scale excavation projects - we can safely protect and enhance your property.  

By John Stonaker, Apr 26 2019 08:32PM

Trees provide many benefits to commercial property. Studies show that mature trees can increase property value by as much as 20%. Well-manicured landscaping, including beautiful trees, improves “curb appeal,” creating a more positive opinion of the company for passers-by and increasing foot traffic. Visitors and customers spend more time on properties with trees and spend up to 13% more money while there.

Trees can also decrease maintenance costs. Strategically placed around a building, they can reduce air-conditioning expense, control soil erosion, and decrease the need to water the lawn.

Trees clean the air and provide oxygen. In fact, two mature trees produce enough oxygen for a family of four. Therefore, the air around your property will be cleaner and healthier for your employees and visitors if you have a well-maintained selection of trees.

There’s no question that the presence of trees and landscaping provides a beautiful, stress-reducing location for your employees and customers. Trees also draw songbirds, who can add to the tranquility.

Properly placed, trees can provide excellent noise reduction from a busy street. If you have an industrial business or a noisy loading dock, however, you may be the source of the noise. Trees can then help you be a good neighbor by blocking your own noise, as well as hiding unsightly parts of your building from the road or the main entrance.

When adding trees, avoid certain tree-planting mistakes. Property owners often choose their trees based on what they like, rather than what trees are best for the climate, location, and soil conditions. If placed too close to a building, driveway, water, or power lines, growing trees can damage property or be damaged themselves.

Planting a tree too deeply or in too small a hole can stunt its growth, while poor planting methods can cause what is known as “root girding” — roots growing in a circle around the tree rather than outward, effectively choking it. Correcting the root growth to save the tree can be costly.

The benefits of planting trees on your commercial property are very great, and the problems associated with tree-planting are easily solved by using a professional tree service to help you plan, plant, and maintain your trees. The financial benefits of trees on your commercial property far outweigh the cost of proper placement and maintenance. Call us for a consultation to see how we can help you increase the value and beauty of your property.

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