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By John Stonaker, Oct 29 2019 10:05PM

Homeowners associations have many rules regarding the use of property, and that includes trees. Since trees are such a major part of landscaping and the environment, there needs to be a balance between what’s best for the community and the ecosystem and what’s best for individual members.

Trees have many benefits but must be cared for properly to avoid damage to people or property. Your tree specialist can help you care for trees on common property and advise you on proper care of trees in disputes among members.

Common tree problems in managed communities

Often in a planned neighborhood community, many young trees are planted close to each other to create quick curb appeal, but as the trees grow, they may become a nuisance or become diseased due to overcrowding.

Further, trees that are not properly pruned can grow irregularly, which can increase the risk of limb drop or even the whole tree falling. Those that are placed too close to buildings or hardscaping can grow into foundations or cause cracking in sidewalks or parking areas, creating a risk of personal injury and possible subsequent lawsuits.

Often a tree on one resident’s property can become a source of contention with another homeowner. Here your professional tree service can help by examining the situation and making suggestions to help satisfy both parties, if possible. If the neighbor objects to limbs over the property line, a proper pruning and maintenance program might satisfy that homeowner. However, if the tree is diseased or causing damage to property or a threat to life or limb, your tree expert can act as the unbiased professional who can explain this to the tree owner, possibly decreasing tension.

Proper Tree Care

A regular schedule of tree care can deter many of the problems mentioned above and correct problems at their inception before they become major problems. Regular upkeep can include:

• Regular pruning to maintain the health and beauty of the trees

• Regular fertilization and nutrient correction

• Supplemental watering during periods of drought or new plantings

• Pest monitoring and treatment

By taking care of your trees on a regular, scheduled basis, you will be increasing the value of the community property and decreasing the likelihood of complicated, costly, or dangerous issues associated with poorly planted or uncared-for trees.

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