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By John Stonaker, Oct 29 2019 09:59PM

A piece of real estate, whether residential, commercial, or industrial, usually includes property that requires maintenance by a landscaper. It’s understandable, then, that many property owners assume their landscaper can also take care of their trees. However, unless the landscaping company is certified as a tree expert, it is very important not to entrust tree care to them.

What landscapers do

Landscaping tasks typically include lawn maintenance, weed control, pest control, fertilizing, seasonal planting and cleanup, mulch applications, sprinkler system maintenance, and shrub pruning. With so many services available, it’s understandable that property owners and the landscapers themselves consider tree care a natural addition to services rendered.

Why landscapers should not provide tree care

The equipment required for tree care is considerably different from that which is used in shrub pruning or lawn maintenance. Not only does tree care require more powerful tools, but it is also significantly more dangerous—to the tree, your property, and any people nearby. It also requires specialized training in pruning, disease control, and injury avoidance and repair. An untrained person can do significant damage, weakening your tree and threatening your property with possible limb drop or pest infiltration.

Because of the additional dangers associated with tree maintenance, tree services are required to carry special workman’s compensation insurance and liability insurance. Landscapers’ workman’s comp insurance typically does not even allow landscapers to step on a ladder as part of their work. Using a landscaper to care for your trees opens up the potential for injury to the worker and others, and could potentially embroil you in a lawsuit.

Finding the right contractor for the job

There is no doubt that landscapers provide valuable service. But just as you would not hire an electrician to fix your plumbing, don’t hire a landscaper to care for your trees. Your professional tree service can identify hazardous tree conditions, address needs for tree health, protect nearby property, and manage a safe job site, following industry standards. Your landscaper and your tree service can work together to create a well-orchestrated plan of care for your property.

If you are in the central New Jersey area, reach out to us here at Stonaker to help you maintain the health of your trees and the value of your property.

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